Let’s Start Here

Hello World! Stanley’s here! You can call me ‘Stan‘ for short and this will be my very first entry in my very first blog so, Good luck to me!

I am very anxious about starting this after coming across wordpress while doing research about web programming and stuff, and it immediately caught my interest to create my own blog since it was free, easy to use and could help me grow as a person and a professional. So, I did, and I can pretty much say that I am committed into being an active blogger since I have decided to pursue it and I’m not really a person who would start something knowing I don’t have the passion and capability to maintain it.


So, I have decided to treat this blog as a journal, a diary of my own. Although, not as a personal diary – which I do have physically – wherein I’m going to put all the things that happened to me the past week or so. It was going to be an open journal, something where I am going to share my experiences, thoughts and feelings that I am willing to share to other people since I, most of the time have kept these things on my own. Up until less than a month a go that someone told me in a retreat that maybe I, should consider sharing my diary to others. At first, I never seemed to take it seriously but I considered giving it a thought, that maybe I could be more open to expressing myself to others without giving up much of my own privacy, and yes, this is just the perfect way to do it. It’s amazing how one word or phrase can really push someone to get out of their comfort zone and do something they’ve never thought about pursuing before so, shout out to Mr. Khel, I mean, Teacher Khel Pagaduan!

I think I’d be able to write consistently for the next few weeks since I am currently in a vacation. Hopefully, I could sustain it when I get back to work and constantly make it a habit and a part of my life. Goodluck Stanley!

PS: Big salute to the guys at wordpress! Thanks for making free blogs possible!


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