My Interests Dictionary from A-Z

I’ve heard from the beautiful Hayley Paige, a famous blogger and youtuber, that when starting a blog, one should be able to figure out his or her passions and interests so they could therefore make entries and topics which relates to it, I do agree with that idea because I believe it was going to be tough to motivate yourself to write something you are not passionate about or something that does not interest you, so I challenged myself to figure where I am going to relate all the future posts I will make in this blog and yeah, I am able to come up with my own Interest Dictionay A-Z list.

So in this list, I am going to mention things that I’ll most likely talk about in my blog in A-Z order and have it explained thoroughly. So, here it is!

A – Animals

This was a no-brainer for me. I’ve always loved animals especially dogs! – puppers, doggos or any other kind of ’em hahaha – all these cuties makes me fall in love in each and everyone of them!

It helps that I grew up with a dog and all of my bestfriends were dogs! Working in an animal welfare organization taught me about responsible pet ownership and animal rights which I believe made me a better owner and companion to all animals. I’ll probably make posts about my volunteering experiences as I get to write more entries in the future.

B – Basketball

2.2 Gary David, My Favorite local player.

I admit, I am a basketball maniac. I actually dreamt about being a professional basketball player when I was a kid, funny for someone who didn’t even make his highschool team 😀 Well, I still got myself involved into basketball by either playing 2K or watching the NBA and any other basketball leagues locally or internationally. From there, I matured from just a regular fan into being a professional basketball critic. My favorite basketball player was Kobe Byant and the team I’m betting to win in each and every season of the NBA was, guess who? The Lakers of course.

C – Church

Seriously? Yes. I didn’t grew up in a religious family but someway, somehow, when I got to College, I started serving in the church either as a lector, choir or altar server. Joining our Campus Ministry opened many doors for me including joining other organizations and learning to pursue my passion. It was arguably the best decision I have ever made in my 19 years+ of existence.

D – Dreams

I thought I’d be listing Dogs here lol. But yes, dreams are also one of the topics that I always want to talk about with other people because it kind of connects you deeper into them and makes you imagine what kind of person they really are based on their goals in life. It was really an interesting topic that someone like me would stay up all night just to talk about.

E – Marshall Mathers aka Slim Shady aka EMINEM

2.3 Marshall Mathers aka Eminem

If you have browsed through my pages, you probably had guessed that I’m a big Shady fan. My name was based on his song “Stan” which also featured famous British singer Dido. Marshall Mathers inspired me with his songs which made me a stronger, more independent person who never backs down againts all the challenges that life offers me. Being a fan of him made me adapt some of his views in life and even made me imitate a portion of his personality. I couldn’t really express how much I had adored the guy for his strength and ability to withstand everything that comes his way.

F – The Feast

2.4 Me at The Feast Manila

Ever heard of something called The Feast? No? Really? C’mon! It’s the happiest place on Earth! The Feast Manila is a worship group that gathers weekly every friday where there will be a mass, a God-centered talk and a worship through song and dance. TFM is where I’ve met some of my truest friends and it is also where I have learned to love and trust God over and above all things. In short, The Feast changed my life forever. I am also planning to be a servant at the Feast in the near future, I wanted to continue my service to God by joining The Feast Sta.Lucia, a sibling group of TFM which is located at my hometown, Cainta.

G – My Lord, My Savior, My Father, My Love.. God

I am not ashamed to say that I am a full pledged Christian who serves God whole heartedly with all my mind, with all my heart, with all my soul and with all my strength. His grace made me a better person and gave me a heart that is willing to love people unconditionally. I hope that someday, everyone else would realize that the key to making the world a better place to live was to spread God’s word and God’s love to each and every other person in the world.

H – Highschool

2.5 Magic 7 and Adviser

Oh the memories of being a highschooler.. Nostalgic isn’t it? It was the time we are most curious. It was the years when we experience new unimaginable things in our lives, it may be the first time we had entered a club or the first time we fell in love, but what I’m pretty sure with was that we had lots of memories during highschool that were not going to forget for the rest of our lives. Me, I am just so grateful that I’ve met some of my lifetime friends during that time and that we’ve had tons of unforgettable experiences I am going to treasure until the day I die.

You hear me, M7?

I – Introverts

What do you do to figure out if someone is an introvert? Nothing, They are going to tell you themselves. I’m an introvert and so I can tell you stuff about being one, including our personality, capacity, strengths and weaknesses. I can also say that there were lots of myths about introverts that actually were not true at all or atleast far from being the real thing. I know that it was really hard to understand these things if you were not one of us. Maybe I’ll try to explain it even more clearly in one of my future posts.

J – Jobs

A job? I Currently have none since I just had graduated from College less than a month ago, but soon I’d have lots of stories about it. Maybe I’ll be bragging about how hard it was or that it made me stressed and depressed all the time. Just thinking about it makes me wanna shout noooooo…

K – Kindness

“There were a lot of good people in this world. If you can’t find one, be one.”
– Anonymous

This is such a beautiful quote for it promotes good people and kindness which was one of the best things to talk about either with someone you’re close with or even someone you don’t know. I always enjoy sharing such stories during light groups (sharing) and I am just as happy to hear ones from other people as they tell you their own inspirational experiences of kindness.

L – Lovelife

In a world made to be romantically involved, who wouldn’t love to talk about love? I wasn’t exactly just talking about romantic relationships, love is so broad that it could be for yourself, your family or friends or to God. I’ve attended a seminar succeeded by Ms. Cherry Depano, a preacher and an author, entitled “Lovelife” back in 2015, and I have learned alot of things about how to love yourself and other important people in your life the right way. One quote that strucked me the most in her talk was when she said “People are too focused on pursuing a lovelife while they actually can’t even say they love life.”

M – Movies

2.6 Screenshot from The Shawshank Redemption

I’m also a big movie enthusiast. I’ve spent tons of time to watch some of the best movies available, although I have ruled out myself that I won’t go as far as 1960’s and earlier movies ( because I’m not into watching black and white films ) My favorite movie was the 1994 Film “The Shawshank Redemption”, a very inspiring drama which promotes hope and friendship to people while the movie I am most thankful to was Rob Schmidt’s “Wrong Turn”, released in theaters in 2003, because after watching it, I fell in love with horror and thriller movies which later on spread through other genres and made me treat film viewing more than just a past time.

N – The Naruto Series

2.7 Team 7 from Naruto

I almost left this one out since my favorite character from the series was not Naruto himself, but his bitter rival and bestfriend, Sasuke Uchiha. Still, I’ve got to say I loved the franchise as a whole. I’ve actually spent countless hours just to catch up withj what’s already happening in the series and yeah, it was the best anime I have ever watched and it has one of the best storyline ever. The Naruto series was full of drama and complicated scenarios from mostly every character which made vewers like me, kind of relate to their feelings. Sasuke in particular, whom people hate for being so arrogant and selfish, and while some would like him for being a cool kid, I got attached to him because of his ability to withstand the pain and sufferings he had to go through and still have the courage to reach for his goals even if no one supports him for the path he takes.

O – Occassions

Just like what it says. Special occassions are things I usually write in my journal. It could be birthday parties, events or special yearly events such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

P – Past Experiences

Isn’t it fun to talk about things in the past? Me and my friends usually go back then just to talk about these stuff we did in school and we talk about it everytime we get together. Fun stuff never gets old. Although, past experiences also involves our own sufferings and heartbreaks and they were the ones who’s going to connect you more to people, it was harder to open up these things but as they say, they’ll make you feel better.

Q – Quotes

“Just because my path is different doesn’t mean I’m lost.”

Quotes can be so powerful as it can change one’s mindset and plans after reading one. Quotes can come from anything or anyone. The bible is made with it, Mathers’ songs have it and just about evryone of your friends can make one of it. It’s just that it’s going to be more powerful for a specific person at a given time because they could relate it to their current situation and timeline. I remember making one when I was at highschool and it stood out for the girl I was dating back then, it goes “How can you face the future if you keep on looking back at the past.”. In other words, Move on.

R – Revelations

Here we go to sharing of secrets and revelations. So basically, everything I’ll be sharing would relate to this topic because I have kept things myself, never to really reveal anything to anyone. On the other hand, consider me a really good listener, I usually put myself in others’ situation for me to understand them more. I love it when I hear their darkest stories. Now, it’s my turn.

S – Self, Stanley

Like Revelations, almost every post I’ll make would relate to this topic which is myself. In this list, I am already talking about my Interests and sooner or later I would be expressing myself more through other posts and little by little, people can finally understand who I truly was as a whole.

T – Technology

Well, it was the reason how I got here. In my first post, I have mentioned that I was just browsing the web when I sumbled into wordpress and here we are now. Being a graduate of Computer Science, I really am exposed much into technology and will be for probably the next 40-50 years of my life ( If I’d ever live that long ). Maybe at some time I could share stories and reviews about certain trends in technologies on my blog. Let’s just see.

U – University ( Or College )

2.8 Me wearing Lycean Stuff

Before I go through it I’d like to say that I am a proud Lycean! I studied BSCS in The Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila and graduated just about 2 weeks ago and I’m already missing my alma matter. A lot of things happened during my stay in our University. Some are good and some, well, not so much. But you take the good with the bad and overall, I am pretty satisfied with my had-just-ended-college-life.

V – Volunteerism / Vices

Talk about the good and the bad, here we go as I’ve listed one of the best things there is in the world and one of the things thats responsible of destroying lots of lives. Let’s talk about the positive first.

I say the spirit of volunteerism is one of the best things we could ever encounter in our lives. It is an example of giving pure and unselfish love for the world. Why? Volunteerism teaches people to do something good on their own will without ensuring them of something in return.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In my experience of volunteering to Campus Ministry, Our Parish, to school Organizations and to the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, I could say that volunteering was worth the time, money and effort you’ve spent because even though you’ll not get paid or what, you will gain something intangible in return. If you can’t fully understand what I mean, well, It’s yours to find out 🙂

Next was Vices. I won’t hypocritally say I never had one while actually, I had experienced almost everyone of them. Vices are bad, yes, because it can be the root of something more serious like addiction but we should also always consider that people who have them probably lacks of something, it can be money, motivation, love or faith or any other things. It was fun to engage in a conversation of it. Just remember, Vices are the ones who’s bad, not the person who have them.

W – Writing

Basically this! Writing is one of my hobbies and I kind of have more talent in written over verbal communication. I also thought of having the book I am currently writing posted by chapters in this blog. It’s probably going to be more waste of time since few to none would make time reading my blog but well, it was better than not sharing it at all right?

X – X-Factor

X-Factor: Noun; a circumstance, quality, or person that has a strong but unpredictable influence
– Webster’s Dictionary

Just like how Webster’s defined it. Topics about someone or something that stands out from the rest would be very interesting to talk about and I really like that kind of things, see letter Q.

Y – Youth

2.10 with our youngest volunteer, Fatima

The youth would be tomorrows’ heroes. I believe in that and even if most youth would rather not listen to advices, its really still better if you share things for them and inspire them to be better persons. I have lots of stories about it especially during my stay in Campus Ministry where I started being the youngest during my freshmen year (Yes, I’m part of it my whole college life) ’til I graduated that most of them call me older brother. How I wish I have left something good within the younger volunteers.

Z – Zombies

Can we just stop here? Hahahaha. I really can’t think of anything here. I can’t really talk about Zumba, I don’t dance. Not Zipline ’cause I haven’t experienced that yet, (Oh, but I can relate it to a story which is very inspirational) so, Zombies because I think it’s pretty fun talking about a zombie apocalypse. I kinda like zombie games or movies as well, and sometimes, I even turn into one of ’em. 😀

So, that’s it! These topics I’ve mentioned would be the base for the things I’ll be posting for the rest of this blog. Some posts would probably be related to multiple things on this list or some maybe just one of them, let’s see. The point of making this was really, if you haven’t noticed, I just introduced myself to you by telling you all of my interests and in later posts I’d be going deeper into each one of them for you to know me better. Thank you for your spending your time! ‘Til next time!


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